Is Vietnam consulate in Singapore the only place to apply Vietnam visa?

Traveling is nowadays the most favorite activity that most people want to participate in. It has been recorded that the number of Singaporean coming to Vietnam is increasing because of 30-day free visa policy for Singaporeans. But please be noted that Singaporeans who want to stay more than 30 days or foreigners living in Singapore but not included in visa exemption list will be required to obtain a valid Vietnam visa. But where to get it? Is Vietnam consulate in Singapore the only place to apply Vietnam visa?

Vietnam still has not opened consulate office in Singapore therefore those who are in need of visa can apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival or at Vietnam Embassy in Singapore. It is highly recommended that applicants get Visa for Vietnam without going to consulate in Singapore or Embassy of Vietnam which can be called visa on arrival.

  1. Vietnam Visa On Arrival

This is a policy of Vietnam Immigration Department to welcome travelers from over the world obtaining visa in a fast and cheap way.

To apply for this visa type, applicants will only need to fill out personal information in the online application form precisely as you surely do not want any troubles in getting your Visa done. The visa service fee can be made online as well. Your official Vietnam Visa Approval Letter will be issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department after 2-3 working days. At the airport in Vietnam, you just need to show the Approval Letter, photos and pay for stamping fee to Immigration Officers so that you can enjoy your vacation in Vietnam without any worries. Vietnam also provides Visa-free access for all ASEAN nations including Singapore which has created many chances for travelers to visit Vietnam much easier. Unfortunately, Vietnam visa is demanded if you Singaporean passport holders stay in Vietnam more than 30 days.

Beside Visa on arrival, another visa type named E-visa has a little similarity as it can be registered online. Applicants will not need to deal directly with Vietnam Immigration Department to get it issued but just be sure the Airlines will be familiar to E-visa. If it is not the best choice for you to get visa then have a look at other choice as below.

Detailed guide to get visa to Vietnam from Singapore can be found on:



Nha Trang


  1. Visa at Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore

Applicants can also find the Vietnam Embassy at the nearest place so that you can work with to get your Visa done. By this way, you don’t have to queue and wait for an amount of time for your turn getting visa stamped at Vietnam airport as Vietnam visa is stick already on original when you receive back from the Embassy. Singapore citizens or those who are staying in Singapore must bring the required documents for visa application consisting of passport (at least 06-months validity and 2 blank pages), finished Vietnam visa application form and 01 passport size photo of 4×6 cm which is attached to the application form.

Parting with your original passport might take some risk as you do not really know whether your information will be leak out or the original documents will be missing accidentally in the processing time. Furthermore, Vietnam Embassy is not always in the same region with some Singaporean, which causes distance obstacles. On the bright side, you certainly get the visa stamped by the time you take the flight. Therefore, this way makes you feel relived and comfortable when everything is finished so please take these into consideration and choose the best method for yourself.

Although Vietnam consulate in Singapore hasn’t been operated, there are still fast and cheap ways that foreigners as well as Singaporeans would love to pick and have the best trip in Vietnam.


Everything a Mexican should know about getting a visa to Vietnam

In recent years, the number of Mexican tourists coming to Vietnam has been significantly increased. In case you haven’t acknowledged, all Mexican passport holders are required to apply for Vietnam Visa before entering the country.

In this post, we would like to introduce you 2 ways of applying Vietnam Visa as well as recommendation so that you can have a memorable trip to our country.

There are currently 2 ways of applying Vietnam Visa and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages

Application at Vietnam Embassy in Mexico

This is the traditional way of applying for Vietnam Visa. There is an Embassy of Vietnam in Mexico whose detailed address and contact information are mentioned as follow:

In order to have your visa stamped at Embassy, you will need to prepare the original passport and a visa application form. Usually, it will take you from 4 to 5 business days to complete the procedure. The total fee for applying at the Embassy often includes service fee, stamping fee, transportation and delivery fee.

Besides, if the nearest Embassy is far from you places, it will be extremely inconvenient to travel around. Because you have to bring your original passport, you are always in worry of missing it as well.

In case you want to apply for business visa, you have to ask for sponsorship documents which make the whole procedure more complicated.

However, the good point of this type of visa application is you will get your visa stamped before you set off, so you don’t need to line up at the international airports, waiting for Immigration officers. Moreover, this application type is available for those who intend to visit Vietnam by any means of transportation.

*Note: If you are Mexican and you are currently not in your country, don’t bother, you can apply for Vietnam Visa at any Vietnamese Embassy in the world. Just find the nearest one to you.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA)

In comparison to the traditional types, VOA shows several priorities in terms of price, cost, and processing time.

First, it is worth-noting that VOA is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department, therefore, there is no need to worry about its validity. You many read some news at websites saying that Visa on Arrival is illegal, however, we ensure that they are incorrect.

As compared to applying visa at Embassy VOA is pretty convenient, no matter where you live provided that you have a computer and internet connection you are able to do it. Also, you are not required to prepare any documents or passport, everything is done within a few click because all procedures are made online and include a few simple steps:

  • First, you are required to fill in an online application form with written information such as your full name, date of birth, arrival and exit date, etc.
  • Then, you will receive Visa Approval Letter via mail after making payment. You can make payment using Credit/Debit Card. Please visit our website to find out more information on Service and Stamping fee.
  • Lastly, your visa will be stamped at the international airport that you arrive at. Please bring along necessary documents (including your original passport, printed Approval Letter, 02 passport sized photos) and stamping fee to finish your procedure. At present, there are 5 international airports in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Cam Ranh, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City for you choose from.

Further detailed guide on how to get Vietnam Visa for Mexican passport holders can be found on:


  • Visa on Arrival is only available for those who want to enter Vietnam by air, visitors traveling by land or sea please go to Embassy to apply for visa.
  • Please double check with your passport to ensure all information you provide is correct. We do not take responsibility for any error caused by your mistake.
  • Make sure that your passport has at least 6 months of validity and 02 blank pages for visa stamp.

If you have any trouble when getting Vietnam Visa, please contact us through mail [email protected] or phone number (+84) 946 583 583 to ask for help. We will try our best to solve your problems.

Top 04 reasons Belgians should visit Vietnam once in lifetime

Vietnam has thrived widely in tourism so recently there are more often visitors, especially Belgian passport holders, to Vietnam. Supposing that you still wonder whether to choose Vietnam as next spot of your trip or not then this article might change your mind. As it is a huge loss if you do not travel to Vietnam once, you should experience this lovely country for many reasons.

  1. Exciting experiences with motorbike

Most of the Vietnamese have a motorcycle or scooter, which you will see for yourself when traveling in Vietnam. This is a cheap and the quickest way of transport in the cities but also in the villages whereas expensive cars are in traffic rather impractical and not everyone has the money to purchase them. It’s really easy for you to catch that image of the largest motorcycle chaos and motorbike mainly in large cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnamese use them as a means of transportation to deliver various good and cargo such as chair, table, cabinets, refrigerator, food or fish. Travelling by bike gives you not only freedom of movement so that you can stay where and as long as you want but also Great adventure without to many tourists, it’s time-saving as you do not have to wait for local buses, on a motorbike you will se lots of magnificent scenery outside of the cities and some interesting place are inaccessible if you do not have a motorbike. Riding them with a camera is extremely amazing experience in Vietnam because you don’t want to miss any sight here. Obviously going to work by bike is the best choice of all.

  1. Easy process to get Vietnam Visa in Belgium

To get Vietnam Visa from Belgium, VOA Vietnam (Vietnam visa on arrival) is the best way for Vietnam travellers via air. Vietnam visa processing time is normally 2 working days. In case of urgency, you can upgrade the processing time in 1 working day/4 working hours or even 2 working hours. Normally, application time should be applied no earlier than 6 months prior to date of departure. Moreover, Vietnam visa’s arrival date and exit date is calculated relying on your arrival date and the length of stay you apply in visa 1 month or 3 months (of course you can exit Vietnam on any date within the visa duration). Thus, the most important thing is to fill in the arrival date and please have no worry about exit date.

The Vietnam visa fee is always lower than the fee given by the embassies. Application, payment and result delivery are all made online, which is convenient for travellers. However, it’s a bit disadvantageous as it’s available for air entry only. Visa on arrival saves much time and money when no documents are required in process so visa on arrival should be applied now when you decide to explore Vietnam.

  1. Tasty Food

Food is considered as the heart of Vietnamese culture and one of the most popular cuisines in the world as it mixes together a range of flavors and tastes. These days many restaurants provide quality and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. You may be introduced to a list of 3 Vietnamese cuisines. You can’t forget simple staple consisting of a salty broth, fresh rice noodles, a sprinkling of herbs and chicken or beef, features predominately in Pho The price is only 50,000 VND – 66,000 VND (from $2.5 USD). Banh xeo are giant savory pancakes. To enjoy this dish, you cut it and roll it up with rice paper then dip it into the sauce. The taste in your mouth is incredibly hard to forget when it only takes $1 for this delicious meal. Bun bo hue is created for soup lovers so that you will be pleased to learn that Bun Bo Hue is another classic Vietnamese dish, Grasp it now as it’s only $2.



Soul of Vietnam cuisine – Pho


  1. Affordable cost of living

Wondering about how the cost of living in Vietnam is, I’m guessing there is many rumors that travelling or living is cheap. But just how cheap is cheap? Prices in Ho Chi Minh City or Danang might be a little bit cheaper than Hanoi. Before jumping into the cost of living in Vietnam, I should probably talk about the currency. The exchange rate is roughly 22,000 (yes, twenty-two thousand) Dong (VND) for $1 USD. A motorbike takes you $3, a meal takes you from $2 to $5 in along with other expenses then $10 will be an average cost for your one day here.

There are still so many reasons for Belgians to visit Vietnam once in a lifetime. And it’s hoped you have an enjoyable experience and come back the country next time.

Full Guide for Vietnam visa in Brussels

Vietnam visa in Brussels, Belgium. We are sure it is among the very first information you will be looking for if you are planning a trip from this place. Before going further, we highly recommend you read this post thoroughly so that a lot of your money and time may be saved.

In this post, we will deal with two issues: Vietnam visa requirements in Brussels and Ways to obtain the visa there.

Now, let’s deal with such issues one by one.

Vietnam visa requirements in Brussels

Requirements for Vietnam visa in Brussels

Please ignore your place when you want to know whether you need a Vietnam visa or not as it has nothing related to your residence, but your nationality. In case you are Brussels, we can assume 3 cases as follows:

1. You are Belgium passport holder in Brussels or in any place, you will be exempted from Vietnam visa if you

  1. Directly travel to Phu Quoc Island from a foreign country or territory outside Vietnam;
  2. Stay there for no more than 30 days, and then leave it for a foreign country or territory outside Vietnam;
  3. Have passport valid for at least 6 months since your arrival date.

Otherwise, you will need a visa to Vietnam whether you travel from Brussels or any place.

2. You are citizen of other country but resident of Brussels, please check whether you need the visa by accessing to If your nationality is listed in this link, a visa is not required. Otherwise, you will need a visa to Vietnam.

3. You are just a traveler to Brussels and wish to arrange a trip to Vietnam from there, please follow steps in case 2.

So, in case the visa is not required, you can ignore the following section. But in case you need one, you may wonder how to obtain it there. Then, read the following option to find the answer.

Ways to get Vietnam visa in Brussels

Luckily, getting Vietnam visa in Brussels is very easy as it can be done in two ways as follows:

  1. Obtain visa via Vietnam Embassy; OR
  2. Obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival.

Following is a brief comparison between these two ways:


Visa on arrival

Embassy visa

Issued by

Vietnam Immigration Department

Vietnam Embassy in Belgium

Processing time

2 working days (or 2 hours urgent)

4 – 5 working days

Processing fee

From US$21 (excluding stamp fee)

Varied by case

Additional fees


Postal cost, driving, parking fees

Passport required



And this is the detailed guide to get visa in each way.

For Visa at Vietnam Embassy:

It is very lucky that there is an office of Vietnam embassy in Brussels, Belgium, making it convenient for travelers to apply for visa from the embassy here.

Here is its contact information:

  • Address: #1, Boul. Général Jacques, 1050 – Bruxelles, BELGIUM
  • : (322) 379 2737
  • Fax: (322) 374 9376
  • Email: [email protected]

This embassy may accept visa applications submitted to them in person or by post. But in case you are close to the embassy, we recommend the former to avoid the risk of losing your original passport and money on their way to reach the embassy by post.  And here is your procedure:

  1. Download the application form on website of the embassy of Vietnam in Belgium, fill it out and attached it with a photo;
  2. Prepare documents for application, including: application form, original passport, photos and visa fee and others as required by the embassy;
  3. Travel to the Embassy to submit application documents and pay for visa fee;
  4. Get the Appointment Letter and then leave there for home;
  5. Travel back to the embassy on the appointed date to pick up original passport and visa.

The visa processing time is normally 4 – 5 working days.

For Visa on Arrival

The process to get Visa on arrival is completely different. It is a perfect alternative to solve the inconveniences caused by the former option. It requires no travel or no sending off original passport and other documents via post either. It just requires a device with internet access.

Here is the process to get Vietnam visa on arrival in Brussels:

get cheap and convenient Vietnam visa in Brussels Belgium

  1. Access to, and complete the form here (no document is required);
  2. Review to make sure all information is correct, and then make payment of service fee online;
  3. Wait for maximum 2 working days or even 2 working hours in urgent cases (for tourist visa) to get visa approval letter delivered to email together with detailed guide to pick up full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport;
  4. Get visa stamped upon original passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport (a few minutes at the airport).

Now, we are sure that you clearly understand whether you need the visa for Vietnam and how to obtain a Vietnam visa in Brussels, Belgium.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know via [email protected] or (+84) 946 583 583.

Vietnam visa for New Zealanders in Belgium

Guide to Vietnam visa for New Zealanders in Belgium

This article will deal with the question about Vietnam visa requirement and how to get a Vietnam visa for New Zealanders in Belgium.

1. Visa Requirement

The fact has it that there is one place in Vietnam that New Zealanders can visit without a visa. It is Phu Quoc Island. But to benefit, New Zealanders must meet the following 3 conditions:

  1. Their passport must be valid for at least 06 months since their arrival date;
  2. Their stay in Phu Quoc is no more than 30 days; and
  3. They must travel directly to Phu Quoc from a foreign country/territory outside Vietnam and then leave there for a foreign country/territory outside Vietnam.

No Vietnam visa required for visiting Phu Quoc island

Otherwise, a valid visa is required.

2. Guide to Vietnam visa application

From Belgium, the New Zealand passport holders can apply for Vietnam visa directly at the embassy or apply online on our website to be supported to get visa upon arrival at the airport. Their detailed guide can be found below.

2.1 Apply at Vietnam Embassy


  1. Original passport valid for no less than 6 months and have at least 01 empty pages
  2. Visa application form (take the form from website or office of embassy)
  3. 01 recent passport-sized photo
  4. Vietnam visa fee

Waiting: 3 business days since the date of receipt of application

Collecting: at the time of getting the visa, you should review it carefully to find the mistake and report the embassy immediately about the mistake (if any) before your trip

Contact  Vietnam Embassy in Belgium

  • Address: #1, Boul. Général Jacques, 1050 – Bruxelles, BELGIUM
  • : (322) 379 2737
  • Fax: (322) 374 9376
  • Email: [email protected]

2.2 Apply for visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is always recommended for air travelers. Most of UK passport holders figure it out very easily, cheaply and fast.

What to do?

get cheap and easy Vietnam visa

  1. Complete visa application form online at this link
  2. Make an online payment with credit/debit card as per instruction
  3. Receive visa approval letter via email after 2 business days or less (Approval letter functions as a statement by Immigration Department that you are allowed to enter Vietnam and collect the visa for Vietnam on arrival)
  4. Present the letter to check in flights and use it again when getting visa stamped at arrival airport. Other documents required for stamping process include original passport, 01 passport photo, completed entry and exit form, and stamping fee.

If you have any questions about Visa for Vietnam for New Zealanders or others, please feel free to let us know at any time you have it in mind.

Applying for Vietnam visa - Vietnamese visa

4 Simple Steps to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival for Belgians

Getting Vietnam visa for Belgians has been made much easier thanks to introduction of Vietnam visa on arrival. To get a full visa on arrival, Belgian passport holders will need to apply online for visa approval letter first and then get full visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

This kind of Vietnam visa is considered very convenient since it requires no travel at all, so saving a lot of travel cost. Especially it is very simple as it can be completed in just 4 steps (3 online and 1 at arrival airport in Vietnam) below:

Step 1: Submit online application for Visa Approval Letter

In this step, Belgian applicants will need to access to and fill out the form. Information to be provided includes:

  1. Full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Gender
  4. Passport number
  5. Passport expiry date
  6. Date of arrival
  7. Purpose of visit

And then move to step 2, an online step as well.

Step 2: Pay for service fee

In this step, Belgian applicants will have time to check their information again and make payment of service fee via online portals (western union, paypal or onepay). The service fee for visa on arrival to Vietnam for Belgium citizens is around USD 21 per person. For more details on visa service can be found at Vietnam visa on arrival cost.

Step 3: Get visa approval letter via email

This is also an online step which requires applicants no travel at all.

Just wait for 1 or 2 working days at maximum, the applicants will get their visa approval letter – a legal document issued by Vietnam Immigration Department as official permission allowing its bearers to get on board to Vietnam.

Step 4: Get visa stamped upon arrival

Upon arrival at any of Vietnam International Airports (Hanoi, Da Nang or Hochiminh), travelers need to present original passport, visa approval letter, 2 passport sized photos, the Vietnamese visa application form and stamping fee to the Immigration officer to get visa stamped.

Is it easy to get Vietnam visa for Belgians with visa on arrival? But please keep in mind that despite is convenience, visa on arrival is for those traveling to Vietnam by air only.


new website Vietnam visa

We’ve got new brother –

It is really great that we have got new brother. Like us – which has been specially developed to make application for Vietnam visa in Belgium more and more convenient, Vietnam Discovery Travel – our operator has recently developed the as a special website for Vietnam visa in South Africa.

Vietnam visa in South Africa

Visiting the website, one can easily find all information relating to Vietnam visa in South Africa, from Vietnam visa requirement to guide to obtain a visa for Vietnam from this country, as well as contact information of Vietnam embassy in South Africa. All instructions and tips are presented in clear and easy to understand manner.

Additionally, the website also provides you with frequently asked questions relating to Vietnam visa for South African citizens and residents, and their answers as well. If you cannot find the answer there, you can leave it for to raise your question. Our brother is committed to replying to you within 24 hours.

About our controlling website:

We are both local websites of which gains a great reputation among travelers to Vietnam for its 10 years assisting them obtain a visa on arrival.

Vietnam visa online - visa for Vietnam

2 ways to get Vietnam visa in Brussels Belgium

Taking up to 15 hours to fly to Vietnam from Brussels, Belgium in the fastest manner, Vietnam remains a favorite destinations of the citizens there for its beauty, unique culture and delicious dishes.

Vietnam - an ideal destination for all - Vietnam visa

So, the question here is whether it is easy to obtain a Vietnam visa in Brussels? At the moment, there are two ways to obtain a Vietnam visa:

  1. Obtain via the embassy; and
  2. Obtain visa on arrival.

And Brussels has sufficient facilities for both. Brussels has an office of Vietnam embassy located. Brussels has internet connection for travelers to submit online form for Vietnam visa. So, the answer is that it’s very easy to obtain a Vietnam visa there.

Now, let’s see how these ways work.

1. For visa on arrival

Applying for Vietnam visa - Vietnamese visaVietnam visa on arrival is a type of visa which has been developed taking advantage of internet. It allows travelers to submit online form for visa approval letter via a travel agent, and then pick up full visa at Vietnam airport.

The visa in this way is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Following is full process to get a visa on arrival for Vietnam:

  1. Step 1: Fill out the online form with required information and pay for service fee;
  2. Step 2: Get visa approval letter via email within 2 working days (for tourist visa) or 7 working days (for business visa);
  3. Get visa stamped upon arrival airport after presenting the visa approval letter, original passport, completed Vietnamese visa application form (also known as entry and exit form), 2 passport-sized photos and stamping fee in cash.

Please note that normally, the Vietnam Immigration Department often process visa approval letter for group of travelers whose applications are submitted to them at the same time, but we can do our part to request them to process a private letter for you. If it’s your wish, please let us know via email [email protected] after completing your online form with us.

And one more thing to be noted here is that despite conveniences, this way is for those traveling to Vietnam by air. Otherwise, you will need to obtain a visa via the embassy.

2. For Vietnam embassy visa

Vietnam embassy visaVietnam embassy visa is different from the above type. It is the traditional way to obtain a visa for Vietnam, and the visa in this case is issued by the Vietnam embassy, and you will get full visa before departure for Vietnam.

Following is normal process of processing visa in this way:

  1. Come in person to the consulate, fill out the application form , present 02 passport-size photos, pay the fee in cash, return to the consulate after 4-5 working days to receive your Vietnam visa; OR
  2. Send off your passport, application form, 02 passport-size photos via postal mail/ express to Vietnam embassy/consulate, make payment per instructions, get your passport with the visa stamp after 4-5 working days.

For detailed information, please contact the Vietnam embassy in Brussels Belgium or else which is convenient for you.

Lastly, we wish to note here that, despite option you use, you need to:

  1. Have your passport valid for at least 06 months from your entry date;
  2. Have left page(s) in your passport for visa sticker.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

online vietnam visa service

Why developed

Treasuring more than 10 years offering Vietnam visa online to travelers all around the world, has received a lot of questions regarding Vietnam visa for Belgians and many said that they got difficulties in finding full information regarding Vietnam visa in Belgium. That’s the reason why has developed this to make it easy for Belgian citizens and residents to get access to full information regarding visa for Vietnam. - Full information about Vietnam visa in Belgium

What is contained in

Not intended to provide Vietnam visa online service only, is the address where you can find full information about Vietnam visa for Belgian citizens and residents, including visa requirement, how to obtain the visa and contact details of Vietnam embassy in Belgium.

In addition, the website is also regularly updated with news and tips about visa to Vietnam in general and visa Vietnam for Belgians in particular.

Upon launch of this website, Mr. Bui Trung Thanh, Deputy Director of Vietnam Discovery Travel JSC, operator of happily stated: “We are so happy to launch this website for Belgian market. Launching of any local site indicates our efforts in reaching more and more clients, making it easy to them to obtain every information they need about Vietnam visa. In addition to this website, we also launched many other websites for other markets such as for Singaporeans, for Hong Kong, for Spanish, for UK, for New Zealand and recently for China. is not our stop. We are planning to develop more local sites to support more and more travelers. Hopefully we will continue receiving your support”.

Should you need any further information which is not contained in the website for your case, feel free to contact us.

Vietnam Visa Online Banner

Online Vietnam visa service Belgium

Vietnam visa for Belgian traveling by bus.

We are traveling to Vietnam on November 2, 2016 from Cambodia by bus. Please advize me the best way to obtain the visa. I’m Belgian.

Kind regards,

Dear Lucas,

Please be informed that in this way, you have only one option to get visa to Vietnam which is to obtain it via the embassy. It can be Vietnam embassy in Belgium or those in Cambodia, whatever convenient for you.

Following are contact details of embassy of Vietnam in Belgium:

  • Address: #1, Boul. Général Jacques, 1050 – Bruxelles, BELGIUM
  • Tel.: (322) 379 2737
  • Fax: (322) 374 9376
  • Email: [email protected]

We hope this information reaches you well.

Kind regards,