Vietnam visa for New Zealanders in Belgium

Guide to Vietnam visa for New Zealanders in Belgium

This article will deal with the question about Vietnam visa requirement and how to get a Vietnam visa for New Zealanders in Belgium.

1. Visa Requirement

The fact has it that there is one place in Vietnam that New Zealanders can visit without a visa. It is Phu Quoc Island. But to benefit, New Zealanders must meet the following 3 conditions:

  1. Their passport must be valid for at least 06 months since their arrival date;
  2. Their stay in Phu Quoc is no more than 30 days; and
  3. They must travel directly to Phu Quoc from a foreign country/territory outside Vietnam and then leave there for a foreign country/territory outside Vietnam.

No Vietnam visa required for visiting Phu Quoc island

Otherwise, a valid visa is required.

2. Guide to Vietnam visa application

From Belgium, the New Zealand passport holders can apply for Vietnam visa directly at the embassy or apply online on our website to be supported to get visa upon arrival at the airport. Their detailed guide can be found below.

2.1 Apply at Vietnam Embassy


  1. Original passport valid for no less than 6 months and have at least 01 empty pages
  2. Visa application form (take the form from website or office of embassy)
  3. 01 recent passport-sized photo
  4. Vietnam visa fee

Waiting: 3 business days since the date of receipt of application

Collecting: at the time of getting the visa, you should review it carefully to find the mistake and report the embassy immediately about the mistake (if any) before your trip

Contact  Vietnam Embassy in Belgium

  • Address: #1, Boul. Général Jacques, 1050 – Bruxelles, BELGIUM
  • : (322) 379 2737
  • Fax: (322) 374 9376
  • Email: [email protected]

2.2 Apply for visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is always recommended for air travelers. Most of UK passport holders figure it out very easily, cheaply and fast.

What to do?

get cheap and easy Vietnam visa

  1. Complete visa application form online at this link
  2. Make an online payment with credit/debit card as per instruction
  3. Receive visa approval letter via email after 2 business days or less (Approval letter functions as a statement by Immigration Department that you are allowed to enter Vietnam and collect the visa for Vietnam on arrival)
  4. Present the letter to check in flights and use it again when getting visa stamped at arrival airport. Other documents required for stamping process include original passport, 01 passport photo, completed entry and exit form, and stamping fee.

If you have any questions about Visa for Vietnam for New Zealanders or others, please feel free to let us know at any time you have it in mind.