Planning a Vietnam trip for an US family

Vietnam has been one of the most appealing tourist attractions to American. However, since many differences in weather conditions, culture and life style exist between the two countries, US tourists to Vietnam need to prepare some certain things in advance to make sure the trips are satisfying and enjoyable.

Health related issues

Firstly, health related issues should be paid a great deal of attention. Vietnam enjoys a sub-tropical climate, which is quite different from that in the US, with more humidity, more sunlight, and even more mosquitoes. Families should prepare themselves with sun- cream, umbrella or raincoat in case of sudden rain. First- aid kit is also important, especially when families enjoy outdoor activities since there might be a lack of immediate health service in many parts of Vietnam. Medicines in Vietnam are often sold and bought without the need of prescription, but most of them might not be the ones that you are used to take back in the US, so it is for the best if you take some of the most important and often used along with you when travelling.

Accomodation & Budget

The accommodation system in Vietnam is quite available. You can easily choose between a wide of hotels, motels, home- stays, etc. However, in the high time of travelling season, many places may be fully booked or you have to pay much higher price than usual. Therefore, it is best to book for rooms in advance to make sure you and your family have a decent place to stay and avoid being over charged when coming to Vietnam.

The budget for a trip to Vietnam is quite cheap comparing to that of many neighboring countries. However, the transportation system in Vietnam is quite messy and overcrowded, there is also an usual picture of traffic jam during rush hour. Therefore, when travelling within Vietnam territory, it’s best to take a taxi. The common price for a taxi in Vietnam is from 12.000-16.000 VND per kilometer. You can also choose to walk around or taking a bus. It only takes 7.000 VND for a bus ticket in Hanoi. However you have to search on the internet, for example you can visit website, to find out about the appropriate bus number, where to get in and get off to get to your chosen destination. The food price in Vietnam is also quite reasonable, especially street food, with the cheapest one can be only a few thousands VND.

Once you have prepared everything carefully, you shall not need to worry about anything and devote all your time and energy in discovering this wonderful country. There are a wide range of places that you can visit: from beautiful beaches in Nha Trang, Vung Tau to breath-taking mountains in Sapa, Ha Giang, from historical places in Hue, Hanoi to modern spots in Ho Chi Minh city, Danang and from mainland to faraway islands. The hidden charm exists in every corner, waiting for you to discover and fall in love with.


Beauty of Nha Trang beach in Vietnam

Apply Vietnam Visa In USA

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Hope everything will shape a perfect trip to Vietnam for you!