Top 04 reasons Belgians should visit Vietnam once in lifetime

Vietnam has thrived widely in tourism so recently there are more often visitors, especially Belgian passport holders, to Vietnam. Supposing that you still wonder whether to choose Vietnam as next spot of your trip or not then this article might change your mind. As it is a huge loss if you do not travel to Vietnam once, you should experience this lovely country for many reasons.

  1. Exciting experiences with motorbike

Most of the Vietnamese have a motorcycle or scooter, which you will see for yourself when traveling in Vietnam. This is a cheap and the quickest way of transport in the cities but also in the villages whereas expensive cars are in traffic rather impractical and not everyone has the money to purchase them. It’s really easy for you to catch that image of the largest motorcycle chaos and motorbike mainly in large cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnamese use them as a means of transportation to deliver various good and cargo such as chair, table, cabinets, refrigerator, food or fish. Travelling by bike gives you not only freedom of movement so that you can stay where and as long as you want but also Great adventure without to many tourists, it’s time-saving as you do not have to wait for local buses, on a motorbike you will se lots of magnificent scenery outside of the cities and some interesting place are inaccessible if you do not have a motorbike. Riding them with a camera is extremely amazing experience in Vietnam because you don’t want to miss any sight here. Obviously going to work by bike is the best choice of all.

  1. Easy process to get Vietnam Visa in Belgium

To get Vietnam Visa from Belgium, VOA Vietnam (Vietnam visa on arrival) is the best way for Vietnam travellers via air. Vietnam visa processing time is normally 2 working days. In case of urgency, you can upgrade the processing time in 1 working day/4 working hours or even 2 working hours. Normally, application time should be applied no earlier than 6 months prior to date of departure. Moreover, Vietnam visa’s arrival date and exit date is calculated relying on your arrival date and the length of stay you apply in visa 1 month or 3 months (of course you can exit Vietnam on any date within the visa duration). Thus, the most important thing is to fill in the arrival date and please have no worry about exit date.

The Vietnam visa fee is always lower than the fee given by the embassies. Application, payment and result delivery are all made online, which is convenient for travellers. However, it’s a bit disadvantageous as it’s available for air entry only. Visa on arrival saves much time and money when no documents are required in process so visa on arrival should be applied now when you decide to explore Vietnam.

  1. Tasty Food

Food is considered as the heart of Vietnamese culture and one of the most popular cuisines in the world as it mixes together a range of flavors and tastes. These days many restaurants provide quality and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. You may be introduced to a list of 3 Vietnamese cuisines. You can’t forget simple staple consisting of a salty broth, fresh rice noodles, a sprinkling of herbs and chicken or beef, features predominately in Pho The price is only 50,000 VND – 66,000 VND (from $2.5 USD). Banh xeo are giant savory pancakes. To enjoy this dish, you cut it and roll it up with rice paper then dip it into the sauce. The taste in your mouth is incredibly hard to forget when it only takes $1 for this delicious meal. Bun bo hue is created for soup lovers so that you will be pleased to learn that Bun Bo Hue is another classic Vietnamese dish, Grasp it now as it’s only $2.



Soul of Vietnam cuisine – Pho


  1. Affordable cost of living

Wondering about how the cost of living in Vietnam is, I’m guessing there is many rumors that travelling or living is cheap. But just how cheap is cheap? Prices in Ho Chi Minh City or Danang might be a little bit cheaper than Hanoi. Before jumping into the cost of living in Vietnam, I should probably talk about the currency. The exchange rate is roughly 22,000 (yes, twenty-two thousand) Dong (VND) for $1 USD. A motorbike takes you $3, a meal takes you from $2 to $5 in along with other expenses then $10 will be an average cost for your one day here.

There are still so many reasons for Belgians to visit Vietnam once in a lifetime. And it’s hoped you have an enjoyable experience and come back the country next time.