Top 4 traditional handicraft villages in Vietnam that Belgium citizens shouldn’t miss

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a lot of interesting tradition and culture for foreigners to discover, of which visiting traditional handicraft villages is one of the best ways to know more about this country and the people here. In this article, we will introduce you some traditional handicraft villages that you shouldn’t miss when you are in Vietnam.

1. Brocade Weaving-making village – Chau Giang village (An Giang)

The brocade product is one of the unique items of Vietnam and in particularly, the brocade weaving of Chau Giang village is a unique and traditional feature of the Cham people. Coming to Chau Giang village, you can have a chance to choose and buy many brocade products such as scarfs, bags, hats, shawls, and jackets. All the products here have not only the traditional beauty of brocade but also the uniqueness of Cham’s culture. With the attractive style, typical patterns, the great combination of traditional and modern specialties as well as the diversity of products Chau Giang village is a destination in An Giang that you shouldn’t miss.

2. Conical-hat-making village – Tay Ho – Phu Vang conical hat village (Hue)

Tay Ho village is well-known for conical hats. Moreover, the hats are also the favorite products to many foreign customers thanks to their thinness, gentle color, and the beauty of the sewing. Additionally, the conical hats made in this village are very durable as most of the craftsmen here are very skillful.

3. Painting-making village – Dong Ho painting village (Bac Ninh)

Situated in Bac Ninh Province, Dong Ho village is a Vietnam famous painting-making village. Visiting this village, you can enjoy many beautiful Dong Ho folk paintings which are made from special raw materials such as Do papers – made from the bark of the Rhamnoneuron balance and colors made from brick, leaves, or burnt roots. Dong Ho paintings represent the desire for peace, happiness, and prosperity; therefore, they are often used in many traditional festivals in Vietnam such as Tet.

4. Bat Trang Pottery Village

Located in Hanoi, Bat Trang Pottery Village is one of the most famous traditional pottery-making villages. What makes the products here special is that the pottery of this village is made of the white clay. Moreover, they are always renowned for the skillfulness, subtleness and the diversity of products such as bowls, large bowls, pots, cups, and flower vases. Additionally, all the handicrafts of this pottery-making village are waterproof and fade-resistant. Coming to Bat Trang Pottery Village, tourists can have a great opportunity to try making pottery products by yourself. It will definitely become a memorable experience for you when you are in Vietnam.

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Visiting traditional handicraft villages, you can not only learn more about the culture of Vietnam but also buy many unique souvenirs for your family and friends. With the information above, we hope you can create a better plan when travel to Vietnam and discover its culture.