Top 6 tips for women travelling solo in Vietnam

Vietnam is a relatively safe and peaceful country as compared to other parts of the world, making it a safe place for woman to travel alone. However, there are still 6 tips to take to minimize the hassle of your trips.

1. Document preparation

Things like passport, visa, ID card are probably the most important to take with you before going anywhere else. As for Vietnam visa, it is highly recommended to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival (especially if you plan to travel by plane) which can be checked at Vietnam visa official site for further information.

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In comparison to Visa at Embassy, VOA shows more advantages in terms of processing time, total cost, and urgency. You will get your visa stamped at the international airport you arrive at, after getting Visa approval letter. The price will be dependent on your length of stay, date of entry and exit, number of applicants, etc. Normally, it will take about 2 working days to complete the procedure.

2. Pre-arrange transportation

Once you set foot in Vietnam, you will probably need someone to take you to the hostel or intended destination. Therefore some extra services are also provided including car-pickup. You will be served by friendly drivers at an affordable price (Tip: It is also good to book transport in advance because you won’t have to pay higher price for last-minute booking.)

3. Make friends with your host or local people

Living alone in a strange country, tourists definitely need someone who’s familiar with local custom and behavior to guide you in everyday activities. And your hosts turn out to be a perfect choice, or they can be some foreigners who have been staying here long enough to understand local culture and people.

That’s why travelling solo is also a good chance to overcome your fear of loneliness and make new friends. However, when it comes to money or valuables, you should be cautious and only place trust in a trust-worthy people.

4. Pay attention to local customs

Visiting other country means that you immersing yourself in a brand-new and unknown culture. So, do some research prior to your trip, look what local people do and just imitate them, remember “when you are in Vietnam, do as Vietnamese do”. Especially, when you go to sacred places like temple or pagoda, pay attention to your clothes, you’d better wear long-sleeve shirt, long pants; do not wear shorts, tank-top or the like.

In some places, tourists are required to leave your footwear at door, so look around and do what they do.

5. Stay in touch with your family

There are plenty of ways to contact your family such as via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. to make sure they will know your last place and be able to help you if there are some unwanted incidents.

A SIM card is also a good thing to have, it makes you easier to contact within Vietnam area.

6. Make bargain

The price for anything varies based on the region, and time of the year. Therefore, before deciding to buy anything, be assured that you make a good bargain. You can ask you friends or host in advance to get the idea about the price and then deal with the seller.

We have mentioned things you need to know when travelling alone in Vietnam as a woman. If you have any challenges during your trip, feel free to contact us via mail [email protected] Welcome to Vietnam!