Is Vietnam consulate in Singapore the only place to apply Vietnam visa?

Traveling is nowadays the most favorite activity that most people want to participate in. It has been recorded that the number of Singaporean coming to Vietnam is increasing because of 30-day free visa policy for Singaporeans. But please be noted that Singaporeans who want to stay more than 30 days or foreigners living in Singapore but not included in visa exemption list will be required to obtain a valid Vietnam visa. But where to get it? Is Vietnam consulate in Singapore the only place to apply Vietnam visa?

Vietnam still has not opened consulate office in Singapore therefore those who are in need of visa can apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival or at Vietnam Embassy in Singapore. It is highly recommended that applicants get Visa for Vietnam without going to consulate in Singapore or Embassy of Vietnam which can be called visa on arrival.

  1. Vietnam Visa On Arrival

This is a policy of Vietnam Immigration Department to welcome travelers from over the world obtaining visa in a fast and cheap way.

To apply for this visa type, applicants will only need to fill out personal information in the online application form precisely as you surely do not want any troubles in getting your Visa done. The visa service fee can be made online as well. Your official Vietnam Visa Approval Letter will be issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department after 2-3 working days. At the airport in Vietnam, you just need to show the Approval Letter, photos and pay for stamping fee to Immigration Officers so that you can enjoy your vacation in Vietnam without any worries. Vietnam also provides Visa-free access for all ASEAN nations including Singapore which has created many chances for travelers to visit Vietnam much easier. Unfortunately, Vietnam visa is demanded if you Singaporean passport holders stay in Vietnam more than 30 days.

Beside Visa on arrival, another visa type named E-visa has a little similarity as it can be registered online. Applicants will not need to deal directly with Vietnam Immigration Department to get it issued but just be sure the Airlines will be familiar to E-visa. If it is not the best choice for you to get visa then have a look at other choice as below.

Detailed guide to get visa to Vietnam from Singapore can be found on:



Nha Trang


  1. Visa at Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore

Applicants can also find the Vietnam Embassy at the nearest place so that you can work with to get your Visa done. By this way, you don’t have to queue and wait for an amount of time for your turn getting visa stamped at Vietnam airport as Vietnam visa is stick already on original when you receive back from the Embassy. Singapore citizens or those who are staying in Singapore must bring the required documents for visa application consisting of passport (at least 06-months validity and 2 blank pages), finished Vietnam visa application form and 01 passport size photo of 4×6 cm which is attached to the application form.

Parting with your original passport might take some risk as you do not really know whether your information will be leak out or the original documents will be missing accidentally in the processing time. Furthermore, Vietnam Embassy is not always in the same region with some Singaporean, which causes distance obstacles. On the bright side, you certainly get the visa stamped by the time you take the flight. Therefore, this way makes you feel relived and comfortable when everything is finished so please take these into consideration and choose the best method for yourself.

Although Vietnam consulate in Singapore hasn’t been operated, there are still fast and cheap ways that foreigners as well as Singaporeans would love to pick and have the best trip in Vietnam.