You are looking for contact details of Vietnamese embassy in Belgium who will provide you with assistance and information on how to get a visa to Vietnam from Belgium? This information is for you.

Embassy of Vietnam in Brussels, Belgium

  • Address: #1, Boul. Général Jacques, 1050 – Bruxelles, BELGIUM
  • Tel.: (322) 379 2737
  • Fax: (322) 374 9376
  • Email: [@]



In case you are in Belgium and wish to apply for visa to Vietnam, you may contact the local Vietnamese embassy in Brussels.
But this is not the single option for you. You may have another option to get the visa for Vietnam if you travel to Vietnam by air which is to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.
See how these options work.

Obtain visa at Vietnam Embassy in Belgium

  • Travel to Vietnam Embassy to submit application documents

    Come to the Embassy of Vietnam to submit your passport, application form and two passport-size photos. You are highly recommended to contact the embassy in advance to better prepare for your application. In some cases, you are requested to present flight ticket, hotel reservation and invitation letter from your Vietnamese partner.

  • Pay for Visa Fee

    Visa fee must be in cash and paid upon arrival at the embassy. A list of visa fee is available at the Embassy.

  • Come back home to wait for visa processed

    After accepting the documents and visa fee, the receptionist will give you a receipt with the date when you can come back to collect the visa (normally after 5 working days; in special cases no more than 2 weeks).

  • Travel again to the Embassy

    You will need to travel again to the Vietnam Embassy to pick up your passport and visa. Remember to bring your receipt. Please check carefully all the details and notify the embassy immediately if there are any error in your visa.

Obtain Vietnam visa on Arrival in Belgium

  • Get visa approval letter online quickly and easily

    Vietnam visa on arrival requires you no travel to the embassy or anywhere else at all. With this option, you only need a device with internet access to:

    • Submit online application for Vietnam visa. No passport or flight ticket is required.
    • Pay for service fee via online portals (Paypal, OnePay, Visa or Mastercard).
    • Get visa approval letter within 1 or 2 working days.
  • Get Visa stamped upon arrival in Vietnam

    Present your passport, visa approval letter, 02 photos, the Entry & Exit application form along with stamping fee (USD recommended) to Immigration officers at the arrival airport.

Is this option much more convenient, especially when your place is far from the embassy? But please keep in mind that it is applicable to those traveling to Vietnam by air only.