Top 8 dishes to try in Hanoi - Vietnam visa in Belgium

Yummy food in Hanoi & recommend places where you can find them

It is obvious that Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most attractive aspects that foreign visitors always desire to discover. The culinary in Vietnam varies by region in which each city or even the countryside may have its own traditional unique local specialties. But let’s start from the Northern area in which you make a first step to Hanoi to explore the food here.

1. Bún Chả

Bún Chả among the best dishes of Hanoi - Vietnam visa in Belgium

Bún Chả among the best dishes of Hanoi

Bún chả which is the common must-try food in Hanoi that fast became travelers’ favorite one. The dish is made of grilled pork and balls combined with rice noodles. This normally comes with fresh vegetable as carrots, cabbage, onion or green papaya typically served with meatballs on the other side, and a bowl of dipping sauce that made of the tasty Vietnamese fish sauce  with lime, vinegar, sugar, fresh garlic and chili.

Where to find

Coming to Hanoi, you can find a lot of restaurants or vendors that sell bún chả, however, according to the good- review local suggestion, you can try out these two most well-know restaurants. You should try Bún Chả Hương Liên which has been known as the one that President Obama and Anthony Bourdain had tried Bun Cha when coming to Vietnam.  With the good review as the pork balls are amazingly juicy and tasty with the incredible harmony of flavors.

Hùng Lẩu also another site that you can find the disk, but quite local joint as there is not many English- speaking visitors.

2. Nem Cua Be – Crab Spring Rolls

Crab Spring Rolls - Hanoi - Vietnam visa

Crab Spring Rolls

It can also be called crab spring rolls which are filled with sea crab and vermicelli noodles. With the feeling of fresh and lightly fried, these rolls melt in your mouth and make a unique taste than ever!

To serve it particularly, one roll is cut into smaller pieces and are eaten as an appetizer while waiting for the Bún chả.

Where to find

You can also find this one in the same restaurants mentioned for Bun cha that serve equally delicious crab spring rolls.

3. Cha Ca – Grilled Fish

Chả Cá Hà Nội - Vietnam visa

Chả Cá Hà Nội

Another special food you should try is Chả Cá with the special ingredient is grilled fish, commonly made with the mudfish or snake-head fish. To enjoy this kind of food, the server will set up a hot pot on your table and will bring some fresh herbs, vermicelli rice noodles, as well as a dipping fish sauce with sliced chilies. The fish in the pot is grilled with mounds of dill and turmeric.

Where to find

You can find many Chả Cá restaurants in Hanoi, especially Chả Cá Thảng Long that was recommended mostly by almost visitors.

5. Pho – Vietnamese Noodle Soup

Pho - among the best dishes to try in Hanoi - Vietnam visa for Belgium

Pho – among the best dishes to try in Hanoi

This specialty is the traditional dish of Hanoi, and most of the travelers coming here also wish to try one time. Pho is filled with slices of beef, rice noodles and many kinds of fresh herbs and vegetable to create a very typical taste.

Where to find

Pho Gia Truyen on 49 Bát Đàn, Hà Nội, opening from 6:00 am to 10:30 am and 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm, with only about 40,000 VND to 50,000 VND per person.

7. Chè – Vietnamese Sweet Soup

Chè is the perfect dessert to your meal that you can buy from many vendors on the streets. This kind of sweet soup is specifically made of several ingredients mixed together depending on each type and flavor.

Chè - Favorite drink of Hanoians - Vietnam visa online for Belgium

Chè – Favorite drink of Hanoians

Where to find

You can find this one at Bánh Trôi Tầu – Diep Beo on 52 Hàng Điếu, Hà Nội. The shop opens from 8pm until 11pm. The price is quite cheap, around 10,000 VND to 25,000 VND.

8. Cà Phê Trứng- Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Egg coffee or Ca Phe Trung is the most well-known coffee in the northern area of Vietnam. With the combination of a thick dark coffee topped with egg yolk whipped with condensed milk into an airy froth that made the taste like tiramisu dessert.

Egg coffee - the drink born in Hanoi - Vietnam visa online for belgium

Egg coffee – the drink born in Hanoi

Where to find

You can easily find it in several coffee shops, in which the shop that has the best view in Hanoi is Café Phố Cổ.

The yummy foods in Hanoi are various from each kinds which you can enjoy easily when coming to Vietnam. Let try and feel the diversity and tasty food above to make your trip become perfect than ever!

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